Web work rant

January 17, 2011 | 10:40 pm | Journal: updates |    2 comments

After the recent hacker attack on my other websites, I’ve been working hard on trying to get them back up, running after Google caches that expire too soon for my taste, restoring existing backups, upload entire sites from scratch, etc. Plus, with the online writing job I have, sometimes I get bad surprises there too, and I get prompted to update a huge batch of websites all together. Really, this goes beyond human tolerance. >.< As soon as I get these issues sorted and my work has found a stability, I will take a day or two off the web world. I’m exhausted…. And I can’t even write. That’s the worst.


Fandom for now, just fandom

January 4, 2011 | 7:18 pm | Journal: fanfiction, on writing, updates |    6 comments

Happy New Year! I hope you all could spend a wonderful Christmas week, and a super-exciting Year Eve. 2011 is here, with all the hopes, wishes and projects we entrust in its hands. Let’s hope we get all of them fulfilled by the end of the year.

My December 2010 wasn’t a very productive month, in terms of writing muses. I haven’t worked on my short-stories, nor on my novel, as I have been more focused on certain fandoms I’m addicted to. Evangelion and Transformers, for the most. I have resumed a few fandom related works, mangas and illustrated novels, and I’m still on the high wave with them. I will probably get back to work on my original novel/short stories by the end of March.

If you are interested in following the development of my fanfiction/fanmanga works, you may do so at the following websites:

Eva Brothers (my Evangelion AU):
~ http://evabrothers.com
~ http://evabrothers.com/mb/ (the forum)

Robocity World (my Transformers AU):
~ http://robocityworld.net
~ http://mb.robocityworld.net (the forum)