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May 17, 2011 | 10:09 pm | Journal: on writing, updates |    4 comments

My muse is still having a hard time coming back, but I have more time on my hands now. At least, I can put more effort into it, because I have the time to think.

I joined MyWritersCircle.com today. It’s a forum for writers of any kind, loyal to any genre, both newbies and veterans. I feel homey already.

I look forward to read people’s pieces and leave reviews through the whole week. Perhaps my muse will get the inspiration it needs to come back.

Author: Luana Spinetti

I’m a freelance writer and a cartoonist based in Italy.


4 responses to “A Circle of Writers”

  1. Edel @ Room 304 says:

    My muse has been gone for quite a while now. Ever since I’ve been focusing more on school, it hasn’t been lurking around lately. I can only wish for more time as the end of the school year always means studying for final exams! I hope you find your muse soon.

    I never heard of My Writers Circle before. It looks like a very interesting forum. I might have to check it out! I’m always looking for critique on my writing. Reading other people’s works almost always causes something to spark in my mind. I should read more books.

    I don’t mind that you’ve been gone for a little while. I too have been gone for a couple of weeks, and I just starting blogging again just a couple of days ago actually. You caught me at the right time, haha!

    I wish you luck in all your writing endeavour s! Take care! :D

  2. Nancy says:

    Welcome back from your long break :P I hope you’re doing alright! :)!

    I hope you’ll enjoy the MyWritersCircle community :D! Good luck with your upcoming work :D! I always like writing, but I hate how its hard for me to start things up and so :/.

    I` don`t really miss my parents when they`re gone P:. I`m happy because.. I want my break from them at home XD

    Take care!

  3. Kel says:

    I know what you mean; I have been slowly working back to getting some sort of inspiration..
    The writer’s community sounds awesome! I bet there will be tons of stuff for you to do :D

  4. Liz says:

    Although the website seems like a lovely community, the plain layouts tend to not be so fun with me. :( Blah. But I might join it in the future? :) :3

    Good luck in finding inspiration!

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