Aresha, my unsuccessful NaNoWriMo for 2011

This year my NaNoWriMo was not successful. Less than 20,000. I can’t complain, since the attempt gave me a new story to work on in my free time, but the fact I wasn’t able to work constantly left me with a sense of frustration in my chest.

The novel title is Aresha. I didn’t feel like updating this blog for the duration of the challenge – and I don’t wish to spoil the plot here anyway, but I can report what I wrote in my NaNoWriMo profile:

A 9-year old girl from another planet, Aresha, retained mentally-ill and confined into a hospital for life, finds herself lost on Earth for a weird destiny’s trick. The contact with a completely different species and culture, on which she only had a superficial knowledge, will open a breach in her lonely heart while her family tries to ‘save’ her from unknown dangers.

The novel was written entirely in Italian this time and, when I finish it, I don’t plan to publish it in English, unless I opt for self-publication. You understand that, in the former case, it’d be up to the Italian publisher to choose whether to allow an English version or not.

In other news, I gave one of my imaginary daughters – Asha ( – a new pair of ZENNI eyeglasses for her 16th birthday. Asha is a Cardassian teenager (see StarTrek Wikia for a definition of ‘Cardassian’ – an alien species in Star Trek, to use a few words) appeared in one episode of Star Trek DS9, Cardassians, in which she’s an orphan girl found on Bajor after the Occupation ended. In my fanfictional family, Optimus Primal and I chose to adopt this girl because nobody cared about her. I had her need eyeglasses only because I fell in love with ZENNI designs and I wanted one of my family characters wear them.

More writing-related updates coming before Christmas.

Author: Luana Spinetti

I’m a freelance writer and a cartoonist based in Italy.

3 thoughts on “Aresha, my unsuccessful NaNoWriMo for 2011

  1. Carrie says:

    I wish you had a preview available!

    I want to become a famous author so I started writing eBooks. I’ve published my first eBook and it’s finally available online. Please purchase a copy here . Thanks for all your support!!!

  2. Nugget says:

    I started on my NaNoWriMo novel this year, but I didn’t have enough time to finish it. I didn’t even get it up to 10k words. It was going to be an official storyline for my comic.

  3. Congrats on going for NanoWriMo again this year! I myself wetnad to give it a try, but as usual the time snuck up on me and now it is a whole week into November! I find that the best way to attempt something like this is to just write. Don’t worry about how it sounds you can revise it in December. I’m sure once you get started the words will come and you’ll have a novel before you know it! Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!

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