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Type: Short Stories Collection
Title: Lights of Metal and Sky
Genre: Science Fiction
Format: E-BOOK
Description: Heartwarming stories about humans, aliens, robots, and their relationships. Themes range from romance, suspense, action, to space travel and introspection. The short stories are corredated with illustrations by yours truly, in digital color. Cover designed and illustrated by me.
Work-In-Progress: 1 sample story completed; 3 drafts in progress.

~ * ~

Type: Novel
Title: The Call To Freedom
Genre: Science Fiction
Format: unknown
Description: A teenager from planet Colony-16, Lexia, falls in love with Kian, a gate-keeper robot. She grows up with him at her side, but a tragic accident takes her beloved away. Not everything is lost though, because he leaves her a ‘gift’, a small genetic microchip that he last called “our son”. The little robot turns out to be able to grow like a human child, and Lexia will face what it means to be his mother.
Work-In-Progress: draft in progress.


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