Hotels and Bar Supplies – Ingredients to a Good Story?

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How can a writer get good story ideas from hotel resorts and bar supplies, you’d ask?

Well, writers are not unlikely to be  inspired by daily things. A closet may become the perfect excuse for mystery or fantasy events, a doll could bring back to old family memories that cross borders with history and drama. Even resorts and bar supplies could be the perfect setting for a thriller, or a story revolving around mysterious character who never stops by a city for more than one night.

Looking at bar supplies for setting ideas, you can have that barman in your story who always messes up with colors and decorations and loses his job, only to find himself catapulted into a strange world where things work the contrary way. See what I mean?

When I visited the catalog (note: sponsored mention), for example, I found out I could use pretty much anything to develop a good plot, and that sometimes randomizing my plot choices helps. Even simple bar stools can turn into the element that triggers action, new events and an overall move forward of the story.

Narration is an art, but without the real world coming into a writer’s rescue… I’m afraid we all would end up being so boring. :) And there’s no room for boredom in art, isn’t it?

Author: Luana Spinetti

I’m a freelance writer and a cartoonist based in Italy.


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