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Luana Berter
A blog for my imaginary ego and her daily adventures with family and friends.

Biz Character Blogging
Articles, tips and blog entries about Character Creation, Blogging Characters (RPGlog) and Plotting.

Evagen Brothers – The Spawn of Mechatrace
My Sci-Fi world inspired by Evangelion and the Transformers.
Daily personal blog.

Lou’s Sweet Toys
Blog dedicated to my most beloved toys.
My business website

Luly Network
Collective and network site.

Spiritually, Mama Luana
A blog on spiritual motherhood, breastfeeding older children and my mommy tales on parenting my ‘adopted’ kids.

Rolamaton, The Robocity
My Sci-Fi world inspired by the Transformers and other robot-based fiction. I role-play most of its characters on blogs listed on this page


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