Web Hosting, Bigrock coupons and a home for our dreams

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‘Web hosting’ is a contemporary term for a box filled with notebooks and pencils.

I thought that while browsing a Bigrock Coupons page on DomainPromoCodes.com (Bigrock is an Indian domain and hosting company, like GoDaddy).

bigrock coupon

We need a reliable web hosting service to make our dreams come true: not just our business, but our most personal projects, too— e-books, short stories, daily journals, personal networking. All that and much more. Web hosting is a box: it contains our works, dreams, projects. We need to take care of this box.

I was looking up Bigrock Coupon Codes because I might need to purchase an alternative hosting package to host all the new domain names I bought recently. A single reseller account would not suffice anymore.

So, I found a few good Bigrock Promo Codes that I deemed worth sharing:

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Disclosure: they are valid on publish date.


What Good Copywriting Can Do For Your Website

March 20, 2012 | 9:32 pm | Journal: copywriting, guest writers |    0 comment

It’s All About The Content

If you have a website then you probably have a purpose in mind for it, right? You might want to inform visitors of a cause, sell products, get people to sign up to your service amongst many other possible goals. No matter what the purpose of your site is, the one thing that is a constant is that your websites content needs to be of a high quality in order to achieve its purpose. So what can you do to make sure that your content says what it should? Here are some online copywriting tips for you to consider.

Be Engaging

One of the most important factors in achieving high quality content is being able to engage with visitors to the site and to do this you must make a journey into your customer’s mind, not literally, but you will need to understand how they think.

Put yourself in your target customer’s shoes, do you really want to read through War and Peace, or some other equally long book, just to get to the point of the website? Of course not and visitors to your site won’t be any different, the majority of them won’t even give it a chance if they are met with a mass of content. Keep it concise and to the point, telling them exactly what they need to know and not more.

Be Original

It’s tempting to just find a website that already says everything that you want to say then copy and paste, but be warned this is a big mistake. Google and other search engines will rain down their fury on any site that they find to contain duplicate content, seriously devaluing its strength which will stop it ranking well within search engines or they might even remove it from their search results completely, try operating a website that cannot be found through Google and you’ll soon discover you have a major problem.

Original content is key so don’t be lazy, if you have created a website then surely you have some knowledge about its content so use your own brain.

Don’t Sacrifice Content For Design

It doesn’t matter if your web designer presents you with the best looking website in the world if the content does not tell the potential customer what they want to know. Make sure that the content of your site gets as much attention as its design; it is not an area that you can afford to just throw together once everything else is done.

Make Life Easy

Don’t assume that visitors to your site know as much about your industry or service as you do and don’t force them to work out what they need to do to use your service, sign up or buy products. Make your website as straightforward and efficient as possible by allowing visitors to get from your homepage to fulfilling the goal of the site whatever that may be in as few clicks as possible. One thing you can be sure is that if you don’t make it easy for them then they will find another website that will.

Harry Lansbury works for a local SEO company who specialise in Bespoke SEO services. He knows how vital good quality.


Again, Walgreens

February 6, 2012 | 9:00 pm | Journal: guest writers |    0 comment

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

My last entry was about Walgreens, and this entry is about Walgreens; again.

I have to admit that the Walgreens case really got to my heart, so I’m happy to share some good news today. It was time for something good – I’ve had a rough week.

This month Walgreens is offering a special discount on both family and individual annual membership for the Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens.

What happens is that families can purchase an annual membership for just $35 a year (don’t fool yourself, it IS cheap!) or an individual membership for just $20, if you live alone.

Other benefits include:

As customers you can show your support by liking Walgreens on Facebook or by following Walgreens on Twitter if you have an account there.

What counts is that Walgreens, as a company, is back to safety level (the whole Express Scripts issue got scary last month) and that it continues to provide its customers with incredibly generous discounts and offers, giving its usual remarkable contribution to the wellbeing of families.

Walgreens is synonymous to ‘welfare’ in my dictionary.

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